Taconic: Oncology


Put a tumour on the desk of every researcher and bring the conversation back to why we do, what we do.’
That was the challenge laid down by the head of marketing at Taconic Biosciences.



Commissioning a collection of hand crafted ceramic tumours; the pieces were delivered to the desks of researchers worldwide – prompting the start of a conversation that fed into the human story that inspired the collection and touching upon the motivations of those working in the sector.
Elevating the conversation beyond the traditional sphere of a sales pitch, the campaign was created to provide the Taconic Biosciences sales team with an intelligent, insightful and memorable engagement tool that encapsulated a human story that reminded everyone why the do, what they do.


By moving the focus for the campaign from the ‘how’ to the ‘why’, Taconic Biosciences reminds not only customers, but also its staff why they do what they do on a daily basis.



We set you a challenge and you have responded with a campaign that goes beyond anything we ever thought possible. What you have created for us is an emotional, relevant and positively inspiring campaign.

Gavin Cooper, Global Marketing Director, Taconic Biosciences




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